Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional – Consolidated Exam (GCP-GCX) Dumps

Are you looking to become a Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional? The Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional – Consolidated Exam (GCP-GCX) is a consolidated exam instead of three separate exams to be qualified as a Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional. Passcert newly released Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional – Consolidated Exam (GCP-GCX) Dumps to help you achieve your goal with ease! Our expert team has compiled the most up-to-date and accurate information based on the latest exam objectives. The Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional – Consolidated Exam (GCP-GCX) Dumps are designed to help you pass the GCP-GCX exam on your first attempt and it will help you understand the exam topics and prepare effectively.

Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional – Consolidated Exam (GCP-GCX)The Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional – Consolidated Exam (GCP-GCX) is a consolidated exam that covers the following three exams:

Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional – Contact Center AdministrationGenesys Cloud CX Certified Professional – ImplementationGenesys Cloud CX Certified Professional – Reporting and Analytics

You can now take this one consolidated exam instead of three separate exams to be qualified as a Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional.

Note: To obtain the GCP certification, you may either take this consolidated exam or the three individual GCP exams listed above. The individual exams, however, will be deprecated by January 31, 2023.

Exam InformationNumber of Questions: 55 questionsTest Duration: 120 minutesPassing Score: 65%Type of Exam: Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, and True/False QuestionsExam Language: English

Exam TopicsGenesys Cloud CX Platform and CC AdminACD and Supervisor ToolsRoles, Permissions, and DivisionsGenesys Cloud CX Architect and ScriptingOutbound Dialing, QM, and WFMGenesys Cloud CX Platform and CollaborateConfigurations of Genesys Cloud CX CollaborateFeatures of Genesys Cloud CX CommunicateGenesys Cloud CX ReportsDynamic Views

Share Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional – Consolidated Exam (GCP-GCX) Free Dumps1. Which of the following entities is used to ensure that people within your organization have the rights and permissions that they needwithin Genesys Cloud CX?A.WorkgroupsB.RoomsC.GroupsD.RolesAnswer: D

What are the two methods to create a conference call in Genesys Cloud CX? (Choose two.)A.With multiple active calls, click and drag an unselected call onto the previously selected call details.B.Click the Calls icon, expand the Dialpad, then enter the names or phone numbers of the attendees in the search area and click Start Conference.C.Click the Conference button in Genesys Cloud CX directory, and then enter the names or phone numbers of the attendees.D.Haveall attendees call you. When all calls are active, click the Start Conference button.Answer: A, D
Which of the following operating systems are supported byGenesys Cloud CX mobile applications? (Choose two.)A.Harmony OSB.iOSC.Windows 10 MobileD.AndroidAnswer: B
Which of the following best defines the performance view for Queues?A.Used to monitor real-time contact center metrics.B.Used to view real-time metrics, such as status, time in status, calls answered, average talk time, and average ACW.C.Used to view real-time and historical metrics, such as service level %, abandon %, customers waiting, and active agents.D.Used to view historical data only.Answer: C
Which view displays current metrics and information about queues ifyou have a membership?A.Queues ActivityB.Queues PerformanceC.My Queues ActivityD.QueuesAnswer: C
Sam wants to installthe reporting app on his iPad to access metrics.Which of the following apps does he need to install?A.Genesys Cloud CX AdminB.Genesys Cloud CX UserC.Genesys Cloud CX ReportingD.Genesys Cloud CX SupervisorAnswer: C

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