SJ Auctioneers’ May 5th Auction Features Estate Silver, Vintage Toys, Figurines, Fine Jewelry, more

SJ Auctioneers is fast gearing up for an important, online-only Spring Silverware, Toys, Figurines & Collectibles auction on Sunday, May 5th, starting promptly at 6 pm Eastern time The catalog contains just over 200 lots of SJ Auctioneers’ finest selection to date of fine jewelry items, sterling silver estate lots, vintage trains and toys, and collectibles.

The artists, designers and silversmiths in the auction will include names such as Cartier, Tiffany & Company, Dominick & Haff, Jose Hess, Emile Delaire, Gorham, Movito, Reed & Barton, Watson, Wallace, William B. Kerr, Sackermann, Hessenberg & Co., Italian Vetreria Murano, Arte, American Flyer, Lionel, Nintendo, Tootsie Toy, Buddy L, Matchbox, Lesne and others.

Outstanding sterling silver lots are expected to dominate the auction’s list of top achievers. A prime example is lot 170, a 200-piece Tiffany & Company Art Deco flatware service in the Hampton pattern in bridal gift condition, housed in a Reed and Barton storage case. Not one single piece is missing from the set, which is expected to change hands for $16,000-$25,000.

Lot 137B is an S. Kirk & Son sterling silver repousse six-piece tea and coffee set with tray, all matching and richly adorned with crisp floral motifs, in pattern number 474F from 1932. The set consists of a tray, a coffee pot, a teapot, a creamer pitcher, a covered sugar bowl and a waste bowl. The total weight is an impressive 205.2 troy oz. The estimate is $9,000-$12,000.

Lot 169A is a 69-piece Georg Jensen sterling silver flatware service in the Bernadotte pattern. The set is complete and in excellent condition. It is expected to finish at $7,000-$9,500. Also, Lot 137C is a Buccellati sterling silver hand-hammered four-piece tea and coffee set, made in Italy and beautifully adorned with stylized geometric finials. It should sell for $4,000-$6,000.

There’s much more to the auction than just fine silver. A few of the more beautiful items up for bid include these wonderful lots:

– A large, signed Herend porcelain blue fishnet koi carp fish figurine, one of several gorgeous Herend pieces in the auction, 5 ½ inches in height (est. $500-$750).

– An exquisite Maitland Smith caviar bowl with mother of pearl seashell design on a stand, one-of-a-kind and made in the Philippines, 4 ½ inches tall (est. $350-$500).

– A green Swarovski crystal figurine of Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk, with box, a must-have collectible for Swarovski and/or superhero fans, 4 ¾ inches tall (est. $600-$800).

The toys category will be led by a long Tippco tin firefighter truck ladder with four firefighter figures in the cabin, missing the key but still a desirable mid-century toy (est. $500-$1,000); and a circa 1960s Ingersoll Disney Works Mickey Mouse wristwatch with original packaging and including an original plastic statuette of Mickey. It winds and ticks! (est. $500-$750).

Other toys will include a Japanese-made J-250 Line Mar tin friction jalopy car that sparks and makes noise, 5 inches long, in the original box that has signs of wear due to age; and a Buddy L Pepsi-Cola gift set that includes two trucks showing the Pepsi logo (both est. $150-$300).

The jewelry catalog is plentiful and will include a beautiful Tiffany & Company Paloma Picasso Graffiti “X” chain 18k yellow gold pendant necklace with box (est. $500-$750).

Returning to silver, an antique Tiffany & Co. sterling silver wave-shaped candy dish (or bowl tray), about 12 ½ inches long and weighing 23.6 troy oz., should change hands for $1,150-$1,800; and a pair of Italian-made Federico Buccellati silver .999 coated shells with box, one standing 2 ¾ inches tall and the other 1 ¾ inches tall, are expected to realize $850-$1,150.

Two Spanish sterling silver figural bird decanters or (cruet shakers) made from .915 fineness by Dionisio Garcia of Madris – both designed in the form of a bird cockatoo or parrot, one ruby red crystal, the other emerald green crystal and both carved out of glass and solid silver – will be sold as separate lots (each est. $1,000-$3,500). Both stand about 15 centimeters tall.

A John Hardy sterling silver four-coil dot flex wrap bracelet in the original box, bearing hallmarks and measuring 2 ¼ inches in expandable diameter by 1 ¾ inches in height, has an estimate of $550-$750; as does a French-made Cartier sterling silver Must de Cartier Vendome Trinity ballpoint pen (AG 925), with tri-tone Trinity top/push-button pop-up clip.

A Spanish .800 sterling silver pheasant figurine with ruby red eyes, weighing 75.6 grams and large at 11 inches long by 4 ¼ inches in height, should command $350-$500; while a hand-crafted sterling silver figural bamboo tree by the famous Japanese silversmith Mitsunori, in the original box and hallmarked Jun-Gin at the base, 6 ¾ inches tall, should make $150-$300.

A link to the catalog is here:

Bidding is available now online. Pre-bidding is also available, meaning for those who are unable to attend the online auction, they can still leave their bids now. This auction uses Autopay by If you place a winning bid, your card will be charged shortly after the conclusion of the auction.

To learn more about SJ Auctioneers and the online-only Spring Silverware, Toys, Figurines & Collectibles auction on Sunday, May 5th, starting at 6 pm Eastern time, please visit Updates are posted often.

4 Things an upcoming rap artist will need to be successful

Every up and coming rap artist aspires to join the league of legendary rappers like Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Tupac, and Eminem among others. What these new talents don’t know is that success, especially in the music industry, isn’t possible overnight. The ones who are bragging about their cars, houses, and big money now have had to go through immense struggles to reach the point they are at right now. However, the time it takes for an upcoming rap artist to make it to the top of rap charts is predominantly determined by the provisions they have. The problem, however, is that most rappers don’t realize that some of these provisions actually exist.

If you’re new to the music industry, having these things outlined as an upcoming rapper will help you accelerate your career and be successful.

A modern studio
As an upcoming artist, you’ll need to have a place you can go and learn to rap and improve your skills. In fact, you don’t actually need commercial studio like what you see in movies. Even a makeshift studio in your bedroom will do. However, make sure to soundproof the room so that external noises don’t interrupt your training. The best thing about practicing in isolation is that you won’t have to worry about making mistakes. Moreover, you’ll be able to practice at your own schedule.

An interactive website
In today’s world, it is essential for every artist to have a website because websites will help you reach out to people that love rap music. Additionally, the website can also be used for alerting your audience about the upcoming events that you’ll be performing in. Entertainment joints too use this platform to book you for different events. If you have some spare time, you could take free online courses like Wix and create your website from scratch. The other option would be to shell out money and hire a professional web designer to create your website for you.

The presence of a mentor
Navigating through this industry alone can be quite challenging. However, having a mentor will help you overcome obstacles that many experienced rappers face. Since your mentor is so well connected in the music industry, they know where to go if your music needs to be produced by a reputed music label. Your mentor will probably know promotes that could help you get better gigs at leading entertainment joints. In fact, it is recommended that you should get mentorship from an already successful artist as it’ll only improve your chances of being successful.

Don’t stop practicing
You’ll never be able to improve your performance level if you don’t put regular hours into practice. The successful rappers actually practice on a daily basis. Practicing will also improve the flow of your lyrics and boost your confidence. Listen to the work of other renowned rappers, study them, and try to understand how they are making their lyrics flow, and apply that in your performance. However, don’t forget to retain your own uniqueness because people don’t prefer to listen to artists that copy others. You could use rap instrumentals when practicing as it’ll be much better than practicing without beats.

Bring Out your Creativity through the use of DIY silicone molds

Are you ready to explore the amazing world of DIY silicone molds? Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artisan, making your own silicone molds offers up a world of possibilities for unique and personalized products. In this guest blog, we’ll look at how to make a DIY silicone mold, as well as some mold-making ideas and creative projects to spark your imagination.

DIY silicone molds provide limitless possibilities for creativity and self-expression. With a few simple materials and a little imagination, you may create molds that are tailored to your own requirements and tastes. Begin by gathering your ingredients, which should include silicone mold-making compound, stirring sticks, and mixing cups. Don’t forget to prepare your area with a protective coating to capture any

Once the materials are gathered, it’s time to let your imagination run free and create your molds. The options are unlimited when it comes to designing molds for resin casting, soap manufacturing, or customized forms for crafts. Experiment with various shapes, sizes, and textures to create the ideal design for your project.

To ensure success while producing your own silicone molds, keep these mold-making techniques in mind. To guarantee right curing, mix your silicone compound exactly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Use a mold release agent to avoid sticking and make it easier to remove your products. Don’t be scared to be imaginative with your ideas; the beauty of mold-making expertise rests in its ability to change and adapt.

Once your molds are complete, it’s time to put them to use on some fun mold-making tasks. Whether you’re making resin sculptures, handmade soap bars, or unique candles, your DIY silicone molds will take your creations to new heights. Allow your imagination to run wild and discover the limitless possibilities of mold-making creativity.

Finally, DIY silicone molds are an excellent approach to express your creativity and bring your artistic ideas to reality. With a little imagination and a few helpful hints, you can design magnificent molds that are as unique as you. So, why wait? Get your tools and start making your own DIY silicone molds now!

Gaming Revolution: GWS Gaming World Studio

What is it about gaming that draws people in and keeps them hooked for hours on end? As technology continues to evolve and gaming platforms become more advanced, the future of gaming looks brighter than ever.

One of the significant benefits of mobile games apps is the convenience and accessibility they offer. With just a few taps on your phones or tablet, you can immerse yourself in a world of gaming anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or relaxing on your couch at home, mobile games apps allow you to escape reality and have fun on the go.

And we need a great Gaming Platform that provides the best game in one place. From this article you are going to know about one of the finest and best gaming platform in India GWS GAMING WORLD STUDIO.


Gaming World Studio is a leading Game Development company and specializes in developing and publishing free-to-play games. We provide over 10 million players worldwide with mobile and browser games that are free of charge. You can play directly from your computer or through an app on your smartphone or tablet. Discover our award-winning strategy, simulation, and role-playing games and test yourself against millions of other players worldwide.


GWS Gaming World Studio an emerging gaming platform in India that has special feature like great graphics and sounds that make your gaming experience like pro. The games has unbelievable visuals that should be experience by everyone and they also provide everything at one place on their official website –


Recently this amazing platform has launched the new games. With the great animations that really attracts a gamer so that they can spend their time on right place of gaming.

Fruit Bubble Shooter – An amazing game with fruity twist that what makes it looks phenomenal. All you need to do is shoot the fruits with same color and win the game.

Traffic Escape – A perfect game with strategic theme which is truly interesting than anything. Get the cars out of the traffic but it is not that easy as its sounds. The level of this game gets tougher and tougher when you play it.

Brick Blaster – Break barriers and conquer challenges in immersive brick blaster game. An absolute wonderful game to play and to pass your time without feeling bored/

Ludo Double – A game that everyone knows and we all play this game with our family and friends. And also win prize is crazy, real cash money with easy withdrawal process.

Laapataa Ladies Movie Review

LAAPATAA LADIES released on 1st march 2024. The movie is the story of a missing bride. Deepak Kumar (Sparsh Shrivastava) marries Phool (Nitanshi Goel). Both board the unreserved compartment in the Belpur Katariya Express. He sits next to two other newly married couples. All the brides have covered their faces with ‘Ghoonghat’. When his destination – Murti station – arrives, Deepak grabs the hand of a woman, who he believes is Phool, and gets down. He takes her to his village, Surajmukhi. His family members and neighbours are in a festive mood. But they get the shock of their lives when they open the veil and they realize that Deepak has accidentally brought another woman with him. This second bride turns out to be Pushpa Rani (Pratibha Ranta). She claims that the name of his groom is Pankaj and that she is from a village named Sambela. The next day, Deepak goes to the police station to file a complaint. The cop in charge, Shyam Manohar (Ravi Kishan), is initially amused by the goof-up. But he soon realizes that Pushpa Rani might not be as innocent as she claims. Meanwhile, Phool is stranded at Pateela railway station. Here, she befriends a tough but kind-hearted tea stall owner, Manju Maai (Chhaya Kadam), who teaches her important life lessons. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

Laapataa Ladies Movie Story Review:
Biplab Goswami’s story is unconventional and amusing. The screenplay adds to the entertainment quotient. At the same time, it also raises some important points. The dialogues are funny and also quite sharp and hit the right chord.

Kiran Rao’s direction is uncomplicated and captivating. The narrative is easy to understand while the characters are straight out of life. The humour is infused in an organic manner; not a single dialogue or punch seems forced. The story could have seemed unconvincing or flawed but Kiran makes sure that it looks believable why the bride got lost and why she was not able to reunite with her hubby. As the story progresses, Kiran touches upon certain social aspects plaguing society. Yet again, it seamlessly becomes a part of the goings-on. The character of Manju Maai is a masterstroke in this regard. Kiran Rao reserves the best for the finale. It is clapworthy, to say the least.

Nitanshi Goel’s innocence is her biggest strength and she enhances it with her supreme performance. Pratibha Ranta is quite confident and plays her part with panache. Sparsh Shrivastava, too, puts his best foot forward and gets into the skin of his character.

On the whole, LAAPATAA LADIES works due to the amusing plot, performances, underlying message and some memorable funny and emotional scenes.

Civil War Movie Review

CIVIL WAR is the story of a group of journalists in a war zone. In the near future, a civil war erupts between an authoritarian United States government, headed by a dictatorial President (Nick Offerman) and various secessionist movements like Western Forces, Florida Alliance, New People’s Army etc. Renowned war photographer Lee Smith (Kirsten Dunst) is in New York covering the events of the war. She and his colleague Joel (Wagner Moura) plan to go to Washington DC to interview the President before the Western Forces take over the city. They are joined by veteran war journalist and mentor Sammy (Stephen McKinley Henderson) and a 23-year-old aspiring photojournalist Jessie Cullen (Cailee Spaeny). Lee had saved Jessie’s life during a protest in New York. Lee is not in favour of Jessie joining them but Joel insists on taking her after she charms him. The 600-mile-plus journey begins. On the way, they encounter several challenges and also dangers. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

Alex Garland’s story is incredible and imaginative. The screenplay is a bit dry at places but overall, it is peppered with several engaging and nail-biting moments. The dialogues are fine. Sadly, in the absence of subtitles and too much noise in the film, a few one-liners are difficult to decipher. The direction is great. He has a winning plot in hand but that’s half the battle won. One needs to do justice so that the desired impact is made. In this regard, Alex succeeds. The first half has some interesting moments but the best is reserved for the second half. The kidnapping scene by the militant (Jesse Plemons) is nail-biting. The climax is very gripping and the film ends on an astonishing note.

On the flipside, the makers don’t provide any backstory as to how the civil war broke out. One also doesn’t get to know properly about the various secessionist movements and who is heading them. Similarly, no information is given about the dictatorial decisions and working style of the President that led to the madness. Hence, in the end, it becomes difficult to understand which side is correct. Maybe, that wasn’t the idea of the makers. Yet, a little background would have been of great help.

Kirsten Dunst delivers one of the finest performances of his career. She doesn’t go overboard and is natural while playing a celebrated journalist struggling with PTSD. Cailee Spaeny is a great find and plays a well-written character with panache. Wagner Moura is impressive while Stephen McKinley Henderson shines. Nick Offerman is hardly there but suits the part to the T. Jesse Plemons is damn good in a cameo. Nelson Lee (Tony) and Evan Lai (Bohai) are decent.

On the whole, CIVIL WAR is an engaging dystopian flick which rests on a powerful story and performances. At the box office, the awareness is limited but the novel plot, positive word of mouth and absence of exciting releases might prove to be an advantage.

Vem ai o dia da Mãe, está preparado ou precisa da ajuda da Miminhos Rita Catita para os seus Presentes Personalizados?

A vida está repleta de momentos que merecem ser celebrados com todo o amor e dedicação. Na Miminhos Rita Catita, entendemos a importância desses momentos especiais, por isso, dedicamo-nos a torná-los ainda mais memoráveis criando Presentes Personalizados cuidadosamente selecionados.
Veja aqui os nossos Presentes Personalizados:

Vai ter um Batizado? A Miminhos Rita Catita também estará cá para ajuda-lo.
O batismo é um dos momentos com mais significado na vida de uma criança. Para tornar esse sacramento ainda mais especial, desenvolvemos uma seleção de Conchas de Batismo, feitas com materiais de alta qualidade e cuidadosamente decoradas para colobrar esse momento sagrado de forma única.

Veja aqui as nossas Conchas de Batizado:

Ter uma toalha de cor clara, macia e delicada para limpar a cabeça do bebé após o ato do batismo é também uma tradição cheia de significado. Na nossa loja, encontrará uma variedade de Toalhas de Batismo, cuidadosamente decoradas e com possibilidade de personalização para refletir a singularidade desse momento tão especial.
Veja aqui as nossas Toalhas de Batizado:

Posto isto, como não poderia deixar de ser, temos também Velas de Batizado Personalizadas para iluminar esse momento tão especial. Na nossa coleção de Velas de Batismo, encontrará uma variedade de designs encantadores, perfeitos para adicionar um toque de luz e calor a essa ocasião tão importante.
Veja aqui as nossas Velas de Batizado:

Agenda Gravidez:
A espera pela chegada de um bebê é um momento de grande alegria e expectativa. Para ajudar as futuras mães a registar cada momento dessa etapa especial, criamos uma excelente Agenda da Grávida, pensada ao pormenor para acompanhar cada etapa dessa maravilhosa aventura.

Veja aqui a nossa Agenda da Grávida:

Types of Creative Card Invitations

Handmade Invitations
Handmade invitations add a personal touch to any event. From intricate paper-cut designs to embellishments like ribbons and charms, these invitations showcase craftsmanship and creativity. They’re perfect for intimate gatherings or themed events where attention to detail matters.

Digital Invitations
In today’s digital age, electronic invitations offer convenience and eco-friendliness. Digital invitations can be customized with multimedia elements like videos and animations, making them interactive and engaging. They’re ideal for modern events and reach guests quickly through email or social media platforms.

Interactive Invitations
Interactive Invitation card create elevate the guest experience by incorporating elements like QR codes or augmented reality. These invitations provide an immersive preview of the event, allowing guests to interact with content or unlock hidden surprises. They’re innovative and memorable, leaving a lasting impression on recipients.

Miller & Miller’s Three Online Auctions, May 10-11-12, Contain Over 1,100 Lots in Many Categories

Miller & Miller Auctions, Ltd. will spring into May with three online-only auctions totaling more than 1,100 diverse and highly collectible lots. These will include a Toys & Historic Ephemera auction featuring Part 2 of the late Howie Meyer Legacy collection on Friday, May 10th; a Toys, Advertising & Coin-Op auction on Saturday, May 11th; and a Petroliana & Advertising auction featuring the late Syl Rumas collection on May 12th.

Bidders please take note: the May 10th sale is different from Miller & Miller’s normal process.
It is an online-only sale with no live webcast portion. All lots are open for bidding now and will automatically close in sequential order starting at 5pm Eastern time on Friday, May 10th.

Taking the auctions in order, May 10th contains 340 lots of toys and militaria, with Howie Meyer the undisputed headliner. “If one word describes Howie Meyer and his toy collecting, that word would be ‘fun’, said Ethan Miller of Miller & Miller Auctions, Ltd. “His interests ranged from the mid-to-late 20th century and he had a great collection of pressed steel and tinplate toys.”

Condition was a foremost factor for anything Mr. Meyer collected. Themes include Disney and comic characters, ice cream, construction, space, Western and Americana. His interests also included World War and anti-Axis propaganda posters and ephemera, figural sewing tapes and other oddities. Whatever Howie collected, it had pizzazz and distinction,” Mr. Miller remarked.

Lot 198 is a complete, new in box Shell oil tanker truck from Smith-Miller (aka Smitty Toys), made in America in the 1980s. The die-cast steel truck, 35 inches in length and number 209 of just 250 produced, includes the original foam-lined shipping container. These high-quality trucks were crafted by Fred Thompson, who resumed ownership of the firm in 1979 (est. $600-$900).

All estimates quoted in this report are in Canadian dollars.

Lot 211 is an interesting collection of Tijuana Bibles and erotic ephemera from the 1920s to the 1940s. Subjects include popular comic strip characters and movie stars of the period. Most are 3 inches by 4 inches, while the largest is 8 ½ inches by 5 ¾ inches. Other erotic ephemera includes booklets and postcards. The collection, in overall good condition, should command $600-$900.

The May 11th Toys, Advertising & Coin-Op auction will feature 390 lots of advertising signs, soda advertising, toys, automobilia, petroliana, breweriana, pinball machines and coin-op machines. Included are the lifetime collections of the late Robert Spittel, the late John (Don) Ferguson and the late John D. Anderson. “It’s a fresh-to-the-market jolt of nostalgia, ranging from coin-op and pinballs to advertising, toys and historical finger food,” Mr. Miller said.

Lot 622 is a Genco Motorama coin-op driving game, made around 1957 by Genco Corp., a U.S.-based company that released approximately 238 machines under the Genco name. The machine, with dimensions of 59 inches by 44 inches by 28 inches, is in good condition, with the original playfield showing some fading. It’s marked “Genco” and carries an estimate of $9,000-$12,000.

Lot 684 is an early and exquisite John H.R. Molson and brothers single-sided porcelain Montreal India Pale Ale corner sign (Canadian, 20th century), 24 inches by 16 ½ inches. “IPA” is scripted beneath the profusely illustrated crown and anchor logo that’s central to the sign. The sign is in very good condition, with good color and gloss and outstanding graphics (est. $9,000-$12,000).

Lot 621 is a Bally Gilligan’s Island pinball machine made in America in 1991 and fully restored. The early and sought-after DMD display machine is a fun, family-friendly game that even plays the theme song from TV’s Gilligan’s Island. The goal of the multi-ball game is to collect the ingredients and save the island from Kona, the volcano. The pre-sale estimate is $6,500-$8,000.

The Petroliana & Advertising auction on May 12th is a three-part event that puts the spotlight on the Supertest petroliana collection of the late Syl Rumas of London, Ontario (signs, Canadian gas pumps, cans and ephemera, much of it unused), plus petroliana selections from the collection of the late Ken Hatt of Inverness, British Columbia (signs, Red Indian ephemera, Red Head tins).

Lot 995 is a White Rose Gasoline “Slate Boy” double-sided porcelain service station sign, made in Canada in the 1940s, 48 inches in diameter, marked “Vilas Enamel Products Ltd, Cowansville, Que” lower edge. This sign isn’t chalky and has great color and gloss (est. CA$9,000-$12,000).

Lot 1067 is a round Supertest Gasoline double-sided porcelain sign, five feet in diameter and contained in the aluminum frame and hardware, made in Canada in the 1940s. The sign is in excellent condition save for small patches of porcelain loss on each side (est. $8,000-$12,000).

Lot 982 is a Canadian 1930s Wayne Model 65 B-A gasoline pump, painted steel with applied decals. It has the original reverse painted ad glass and an attractive Art Deco “skyscraper” design. The globe is reproduction. The pump stands 77 inches tall by 27 inches wide and has been restored to British American colors. It is expected to change hands for $5,000-$7,000.

While these are online-only auctions with no live gallery bidding, bidders can tune in to the live webcast on auction days, to watch lots close in real time. Here’s a link to all three auctions:

The Fall Guy Movie Review.

THE FALL GUY is the story of a stunt performer in deep trouble. Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling) is a stunt double for famous Hollywood actor Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). Colt is working on a film where he meets camera operator Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt). Both fall for each other. While doing a stunt, the wire snaps and Colt suffers a major injury. A devastated Colt quits his career and also ghosts Jody. Eighteen months pass. Colt is now working as a valet driver at a Mexican restaurant. This is when he’s contacted by producer Gail Meyer (Hannah Waddingham), an old friend. She was also the producer of the film on which Colt suffered the accident. She asks Colt to join the Sydney schedule of her next film, Metalstorm, starring Tom Ryder. Colt, at first, is reluctant, but he instantly agrees when she tells him that Jody is the director and that she specifically asked for him. Colt reaches the set only to realize that Jody never asked for him and that she’s upset with his behaviour. Meanwhile, Gail reveals to Colt that Tom has disappeared after getting involved with drugs. Hence, she wants Colt to find out where he is or else, the studio will shelve the project. Colt agrees and starts with his mission. He soon realizes that he’s got into the wrong books of certain dangerous people. On top of it, he also discovers a dead body in a hotel room. What happens next forms the rest of the film.


The screenplay is interesting and also very creative. The dialogues are witty and enhance the humour quotient. David Leitch’s direction is first-rate. He keeps the mood light and hence, ensures that the film has widespread appeal. He also works hard on the electrifying chemistry between the lead actors and it makes for a great watch. The film also has novel scenes that keep the interest going. On the flipside, the makers don’t invest enough time in depicting the love affair or even the equation between Colt and the lead actor.

Ryan Gosling is adorable and apt for the role of a man who messes up with his girl and yet, the audience shouldn’t hate him. Ryan fits the bill and with his effortlessness, he takes the performance many notches higher. Emily Blunt, as expected, leaves a mark. Her comic timing is spot-on and she’s lovely in the emotional scenes. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is fair while Winston Duke is too good. Hannah Waddingham lends able support. Teresa Palmer is wasted. Stephanie Hsu (Alma Milan; Tom’s PA) is decent. Jason Momoa’s cameo is a surprise.